How does thermal weed removal work?

Thermal weed removal refers to the removal of weeds by generating heat. Several methods are available, but they vary significantly in terms of their effectiveness:


Steam offers an environmentally friendly way to kill weeds. However, the effectiveness of this method is limited as the steam is unable to penetrate beyond the surface. Due to its inability to reach the root system, the plant continues to grow. As a result, repeated application is required, which can become costly over time.

Hot water & foam

Despite the fact that this method is able to reach the plant’s roots, it isn’t suitable for every location or circumstance. It requires an even surface, otherwise foam will run uncontrollably along any inclines. It also only works when the weather is dry.
The combination of foam and dirt can also make the ground slippery and produces unsightly residues.

Hot air or torching

This method is only suitable for fireproof surfaces and is banned in certain areas. It also doesn’t work when it is raining and there is a risk of fire when the weather is dry. It is only suitable for smaller areas and is unable to reach the roots of the weed.

KECKEX method: Hot water & steam

The KECKEX method relies exclusively on the properties of heated water, making our approach the most natural weed control method available. A mixture of hot steam and water heated up to 130° C ensures that the weeds are targeted both above ground and at the root system. As our accessories are completely sealed, the steam is enclosed, creating an atmosphere above 100 °C. This prevents the water from cooling down between leaving the nozzle and hitting the ground. The mixture of hot water and steam triggers a protein shock in the plant, which means the plant is no longer able to absorb water and subsequently dries up. Depending on the type of plant, it may take several applications until the weed finally withers away.

Our method is cost-effective, risk-free and can be used over large areas in any weather.

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