RailEX – removing weeds from rails

Railway tracks need to be clean and weeds removed from rails to keep trains running safely and smoothly. As an alternative to the previously used glyphosate, which is now banned in Europe, we have developed a way to sustainably destroy weeds using hot water and steam. RailEX is a unique concept for thermal weed removal on railway tracks. The special unit is a worldwide innovation: it is pushed or pulled by a rail vehicle while the hot water and steam trigger a protein shock in the plants and roots, destroying the weeds as a result.

RailEX allows you to do other maintenance work at the same time or remove oil, grease, lubricants and even chewing gum from platforms. The hot steam tackles even the most stubborn dirt without relying on a single pesticide or chemical – for environmentally friendly and durable cleaning.

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Weed removal on rails.

Greener and more effective weed removal
Sustainably eliminate weeds on pavements, squares, roads and similar with thermal weed control.

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