Our Basis: Water System for versatile and sustainable weed control.

The system of all KECKEX products is build up solely on the attributes of heated water.


Weed Removal

High-pressure Washing

Watering Plants


Our modules are mainly used in municipal and agricultural businesses. KECKEX machinery is not limited to weather conditions or surfaces.


The modules from KECKEX are user friendly and simultaneously fulfills versatile tasks.


The KECKEX-Method is the most sustainable and natural method in the space of weed control. The mix of hot steam and water is piped through a special heat-resistant hose towards individually selected equipment.



The KECKEX-System is the only machinery on the market which enables you to water plants, removes weed, and fulfills its utility as a high-pressure washer in one.



Our products are available in modules, which enable an individual set-up combination. Our machinery is compatible with all municipal vehicles from different providers.

We are also able to develop individual solutions within our inhouse specialist technicians.

  • Base assembly

  • Machinery

  • Accessories


single devices

The heart of the machinery is the WEEDEX-System, to which all modules and accessories are attachable.


combined devices

Our complete KOMEX- machines including accessories provide them with a wide range of possible uses.



The accessories from KECKEX are innovative and constructed with precision. Guarantees comfortable usage.


Gaze into the future
in all sectors

in agriculture

Commitment in the Agriculture- and Winery sector. We like to develop ideas according to your wishes.

on rails

The first tests with specially developed prototypes are currently running so that our modules can also be used on rails.

Many people argue, that there are things which simply are not feasible, until someone arrives who has never heard of that fact and just solves it.

Michael Keckeis
Founder and CEO


We are constantly developing the KECKEX devices. Our drive is our ingenuity.

Imagefolder 2020


vehicle body

tractor solutions

special solutions


Every crisis can be viewed from different perspectives. During the first lockdown phase of the Covid 19 crisis, the idea arose to build a tunnel that disinfected shopping trolleys. We are now working on a new model that eliminates viruses and bacteria even more comprehensively. The necessary certificate is in issue.

You can always react to unforeseen changes with positive energy. 'Unplanned' interviewed us and other initiative people and companies:


Our test runs have shown that the KECKEX method also works perfectly on rails. The hot water-steam mixture is a chemical-free solution and is the optimal alternative to controversial agents such as glyphosate, which has still not completely disappeared from the domestic market.

Chemical-free weed removal on the railway line



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