Thermal weed control with hot water & steam

The KECKEX thermal weeding system uses only the properties of heated water and its steam as a proven means of weed control.


The ingenious KECKEX devices can be used in a variety of ways and make your work much easier in different areas of application, such as classic weed removal, removing chewing gum in public places, cleaning signs, seats or disinfecting outdoor objects, as well as watering plants. Learn more in detail:

The modules from KECKEX are user-friendly and simultaneously fulfill a variety of tasks.


Sustainable and environmentally friendly

The KECKEX Method is the most efficient way to get rid of weeds naturally. A mixture of hot steam and water ensures that the weeds are targeted both above ground and at the root system.

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Water as a basis

KECKEX is the only system on the market that enables weed removal, chewing gum removal, cleaning and disinfection as well as plant watering with one and the same system - 100% chemical-free. With our team of experts, we develop individual solutions in-house for you as well.


Multifunctional assemblies or self-propelled machines

Our products are divided into modules that can be put together in many different ways. We can couple our system with all municipal vehicles and carts. Discover your special product combination or application possibilities.

Base assembly

Our products are multifunctional and mountable. Whether in the agricultural or municipal sector - you can use our products in a variety of ways for weed removal, chewing gum removal, gentle cleaning and disinfection.

Modular body solutions and self-propelled stand-alone units can be selected depending on the application. Simplify cleaning as well as maintenance on all surfaces in all weather conditions.


single devices

The heart of the machinery is the WEEDEX - System, to which all modules and accessories are attachable

Device combinations

Our complete KOMEX- machines including accessories provide them with a wide range of possible uses.


The accessories from KECKEX are innovative and constructed with precision. Guarantees comfortable usage.
Keckex products make our lives easier. Weeds no longer stand a chance here.
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Vehicle body

Tractor solutions

Special solutions

Get rid of weeds the right way now.


Vehicle body

Tractor solutions

Special solutions


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KECKEX Applications

Chemical-free weed removal and its application possibilities

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KECKEX Fruit & Viticulture

A worldwide novelty for chemical-free weed removal in orchards & vineyards

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Removing weeds without chemicals on railway tracks
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