Thermal weed removal

Thermal weed removal involves the use of steam at over 100 °C to destroy the protein structure of the plant. The vapour penetrates deep into even the smallest gaps in the ground, reaching all the way down to the proteins in the roots. Once destroyed, the cells are unable to renew, causing the weed to die. This method of weed removal is natural and sustainable. It destroys weeds in a targeted manner without harming the environment and surrounding crops. Thermal weed removal works on practically every surface and only requires a full tank of water.

Thermal weed removal is highly effective and achieves long-lasting effects. KECKEX weed removers are also ideal for deep cleaning. They are able to clean surfaces such as asphalt, kerbs, walls, concrete and gravel surfaces.

KECKEX Unkrautbeseitung mit einer Zylinderlanze
KECKEX Unkrautbeseitung mit einer Zylinderlanze
Selective and precise
KECKEX Unkrautbeseitung mit einem Flächengerät
Steaming on surfaces
KECKEX Unkrautbeseitung mit einer Spiesslanze
Starting at the roots
KECKEX Unkrautbeseitung Bordstein
Clean kerbstone edges

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