In the beginning there is the inventive spirit.
Our work arises from this drive.

Keckex Company


We believe the innovations and products from KECKEX are a necessary invention because they contribute to the switch to environmentally friendly processes. This applies to the municipal sector as well as to the agricultural and private sector. In addition, we know our innovations and products inside out. After all, we invented them!
We are companions and consultants that can find the right solution with our modular system.


A mixture of steam and hot water heated up to 130°C ensures that the weeds are targeted both above ground and at the root system below the surface. Our accessories are completely sealed, ensuring the vapor is trapped. This creates an atmosphere of over 100°C, which means that the water cannot cool down between leaving the nozzle and hitting the ground. The heat triggers a protein shock in the plant, which destroys the cell wall. As a result, the plant can no longer absorb water, causing it to dry out. Depending on the specific kind of vegetation and various environmental influences several repetitions may be necessary to ensure the weeds wither.
50 % steam acts on the surface

50 % hot water targets the root system

Scalding of the stem
Destruction of the chlorophyll
Destruction of the roots
We also develop individual solutions with our in-house specialist technicians to meet every requirement of our customers.


Headquarters, Austria

Michael Keckeis

Founder and CEO

Production Manager Simon Flucher

Simon curser

Production Manager

Matthias Bitschnau

Sales Manager



Laura Company

Sales Assistant

Norbert Schlinge

Senior Sales Manager

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We nurture the resources of today to preserve them for tomorrow
Metal processing made to measure and with passion

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