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Our product range includes hand-guided accessories, add-on accessories and multifunctional vehicle body solutions for any municipal vehicles as well as customised solutions - according to your wishes or needs.
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Weed Removal

Protect crops from overgrowth of pest plants and at the same time keep surfaces (ground surfaces, asphalt, curbs, walls, concrete, gravel and much more) clean and well-kept from weeds.
Both for superficial treatment and deeper at the root, steaming is the efficient solution for chemical-free weed removal.

Thanks to its high performance and effectiveness, even large-scale weed removal for large areas is no problem at all. For long-lasting protection of your surroundings and public spaces.

Keckex weed removal with steam
Keckex weed removal invasive plants
Selective and precise
Keckex surface steaming for weed removal
Steaming on surfaces
Keckex control harmful plants
Starting at the roots
Clean kerbstone edges
Keckex functions of the devices

Chewing Gum Removal

KECKEX products support municipalities, cities, communities as well as companies of all kinds in full-scale landscape maintenance. With our in-house developed chewing gum removal accessories, you can achieve amazing results even with coarse dirt. Products for hard-to-reach work areas are also in our wide product range. Every step, from design to assembly, is done in our own factory - Made in Austria and free of chemicals.
Keckex chewing gum removal quick and easy
Efficient removal
Keckex Chewing Gum Removal with Brush
Various lances
Simple and fast
Selective or large-scale

Gentle cleaning

Clean maintenance and disinfection of waste bins, seating, signage and much more are made possible with the modular units. Large-area cleaning from forecourts to public areas is an important support in landscape maintenance. A wide variety of surfaces are gently freed from stubborn dirt and deposits.
Keckex outdoor pitch cleaning
Keckex clean squares
Large area cleaning
Keckex Tile and Stone Cleaning
High pressure washing
Keckex cleaning of benches
Various surfaces
Without damaging
Watering and irrigating Keckex plants

Plant watering plants and irrigation

With the modular possibilities of KECKEX, watering the plants is possible in addition to the gentle cleaning function. The specially developed and manufactured watering lance supports the watering of the plants with the finest spray mist.


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