Our products are multifunctional and mountable. Functionally applicable in weed removal, chewing gum removal, gentle cleaning as well as disinfection. Modular add-on solutions and individual devices can be selected depending on the area of application.
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Landscape Conservation and Communal Care

Our products support municipalities, cities, communities and companies of all kinds in full-scale, 100% chemical-free landscape maintenance. Our wide product range also includes products for hard-to-reach work areas.

Keckex Municipal and Public Application
Compact products
Keckex Municipal Squares and Municipal
Self-propelled products
Keckex on tractor for community areas
Easy assembly
Keckex pavements and pavements
Vehicle assemblies
Maintain Keckex roadsides

Multifunctional mounting solutions

To make the versatile application areas even more diverse for you, we have vehicle body solutions specially adapted to your vehicle type. Any municipal vehicles, pick-ups or trailers will find the right equipment for a multifunctional mountable solution here.

Various mountable solutions
Keckex larger commercial vehicles all in one
Municipal vehicles
Keckex Pick up solution
Pick-ups and Vans
Keckex trailer solution

Fruit growing, Viticulture and Agriculture

The demands in fruit growing and viticulture have developed greatly due to the organic concept and are now in harmony with nature. Products specially developed for agriculture can be combined separately or together thanks to their modular design.

Keckex in fruit growing
Fruit Growing & Orchards
Keckex Agriculture and Farming
Removal of invasive plants
Keckex viticulture
Viticulture & Vine Care
Keckex Tractor Trailer Solution Agricultural

Railex - Rail systems

Weed removal on rails can be effectively achieved with the patented tow rack procedure from KECKEX in cooperation with Müller Gleisbau AG. For environmentally friendly weed removal on tracks, we use only the properties of hot water and steam, 100% chemical-free.

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Vehicle body

Tractor solutions

Special solutions

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